Best Practices to Be Used in SEO for Plumbers

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SEO for Plumbers

The world of SEO is wide and ever-expanding. When it comes to ranking websites for plumbing, making use of the most suitable SEO for plumbers is in order. With Google rolling out core updates almost every 6 months, keeping track of the latest trends is quite important. That said, with SEO there are several timeless practices you can follow to make sure your page ranks and gains traffic.

With plumbing being quite a competitive industry, gaining visibility could be challenging. However, when it comes to ranking, for the most part, it depends on which keywords you target and consistently aim to rank for.

So, if you’re in or interested in plumbing marketing and getting plumbing websites to rank on Google, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover several nuances and areas you need to pay close attention to.

Keyword Strategy

Before you start your website, making sure you target the right keywords from the start is something that can help you immensely. Regardless if you’re focusing on On-Page or Off-Page SEO, making sure that you have low-competitive and high-volume keywords is a great place to start.

Also, if you’re a business looking to gain traction and customers in a specific location, signing up for Google My Business and making use of Geo-Location-based SEO can help you rank for the keyword in your locality.  However, it’s worth noting that this also depends heavily on your On-Page and Off-Page SEO practices.

On-Page SEO for Plumbers

On-Page SEO refers to all the best practices followed on your website to help ensure that Google crawls, ranks, and indexes your content effectively.

When it comes to On-Page SEO, the practices followed are fairly simple and logic driven. Effective On-Page optimization is crucial, but provided you’re thorough, it’s relatively straightforward.

Content Relevance

As any SEO professional would tell you when it comes to On-Page SEO, first and foremost, it’s important that you pay attention to the content on your website and its relevance to your business, and the keywords you’re aiming to rank for.

Optimizing your landing page, about page, and contact us page with relevant keywords that are high in volume is vital.

That said, in the long run having several pages with relevant keywords and content help ensure you rank. That’s why, if you have the budget, it’s strongly recommended that you publish several articles with keywords you aim to rank for.

Making Use of Keyword Variations 

In On-Page SEO, overusing a specific keyword On-Page or on a website in a manner that feels forced is not ideal. In fact, this often results in Google pushing your page down in rank as a penalty for “keyword stuffing.” 

Keywords ultimately determine your rank. So to work past this, making use of keyword variations and synonyms is crucial. Also, making sure you use jargon relevant to your industry in a manner that is not overly complex is encouraged.

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Effectively Formatting or Structuring Your Content 

In On-Page SEO, making your content easy to understand and drift through for readers is quite important. So from an SEO standpoint, making use of various header tags, as well as, bolding your content has proven to be effective in improving your traffic and rank.

Besides this, making use of tables, image captions, alt-text, and short yet authoritative sentences is key. Also, making use of numbered lists and bullet points can help your readers and result in your being featured on Google for a specific query.

Making Use of Rich Media

Rich media in relevance to On-Page SEO refers to images, videos, audio, and even GIFs. Google pushes content that it feels is easier and more palatable to its readers. So, to help with this, adding high-quality images and videos relevant to your content can help you rank significantly.

While ranking for a specific keyword can be tough, gaining traffic for your site through image and video results is a lot less difficult. 

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Off-Page SEO for Plumbers

While many don’t pay as much attention to off-page SEO, it can often be detrimental. How so? Well, you may have outstanding On-Page SEO, but still not rank. On-Page SEO helps Google understand that your site is trustworthy, well, and user-friendly.

Making Sure You Have Backlinks

For Google to understand if you’re trustworthy, it often looks at the several other sites that find you trustworthy. How does it do this? Well, it mostly relies on high-authority sites that it feels are trustworthy. In doing this, it also checks whether these links are relevant to the page and content, and then, pushes you up on the results page accordingly.

To get backlinks, you can set up an outreach team, hire an Off-Page SEO expert or rely on firms or websites that specialize in getting you backlinks at a reasonable price.

Conduct Regular Site Audits

With Off-Page SEO and for the general well-being of your business, conducting SEO audits is crucial. SEO audits can be done using a variety of SEO tools, like Ahrefs, Moz, or Semrush.

These ultimately determine which links on your site have errors, and also direct you to the sections of your site that need attention. That said, if you’re new to SEO we’d strongly recommend you look into hiring a professional to take care of this.

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Optimize Your Page Speed

To help Google rank your website, making sure you have good page speed is fundamental. Having a good page speed is a huge factor when it comes to the user experience, and Google ranks pages accordingly.

To help your page get faster, reducing the size of the images uploaded and hiring a professional to remove stray code are some practices you can follow.

Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

Since most searches are done from smartphones these days, having a responsive page is quite necessary. 

What is a responsive page? Well, a responsive page is a website that changes its dimensions and text in response to the device it’s loaded on. For Google, having a responsive page ensures a better user experience and it ranks pages keeping this in mind.

Consistently Updating Your Site Map

At times, to ensure your pages are indexed properly and ranking, updating your site map on Google Search Console is a requirement. 

In some cases, your website may encounter site mapping issues that prevent content and pages from ranking effectively. To monitor this, we strongly recommend that you either update your sitemap regularly or hire a professional to help out with this.

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As mentioned earlier, SEO for plumbers is fairly straightforward. In this article, we’ve made sure to briefly cover the various factors and practices you can follow to ensure you rank well on Google.

Although for many, it can seem intimidating at first, SEO is interesting and fairly easy to understand once you get how Google ranks pages. For the most part, it comes down to user experience, so making sure your content is relevant and your page optimized can ensure you rank on Google effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rich media?

Rich media refers to images, videos, embedded videos, and any other content that can help enhance your user’s experience on your website.

What is alt text?

Alt-text or alternative text is a description or title you include on your images and media on your page to help Google understand its relevance. Other than this, it also helps users understand the content in cases in which your page doesn’t load.

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