Amazon PPC Sponsored Ads

What is Amazon PPC and how does it work?

Many mainstream marketing efforts have shifted from employing traditional methods to using social media and other digital platforms. We often encounter ads and offers by simply scrolling our social media feeds, watching videos, or reading the news online. The way…
Online Reputation

The Importance of Crafting and Maintaining a Strong Online Reputation

Companies spend a lot of time and effort crafting the perfect online presence. Yet, many of them forget one major aspect of marketing. While creating content and promoting on social media are great, these efforts become meaningless without crafting an online…
video marketing

How to Dominate Your Niche Through Video Marketing

Professional digital equipment recording video blog of businesswoman, online business coach making presentation for website, filming popular vlog or master class for videoblog channel, focus on camera Are you a small business owner wondering how to take the lead in…
Kitchen and Bath Design Showroom

Kitchen and Bath Marketing Tactics to Build Business in 2021

Do you remember the days when you could simply buy a full-page advert in the yellow pages or a local magazine to advertise your kitchen and bathroom company?
content marketing tips

5 Amazing Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Content Marketing and drawing on notebook with glowing light bulbs In 2020, blogs were among the first three forms of media used in a content strategy. Here are 5 essential content marketing tips you need to know if you want to boost…
social media marketing tips

5 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools, with over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. Aside from connecting with friends, people go to social media to discover new brands, connect with their favorite businesses, and learn new things.…