Live Chat

Build convenient connections and customer conversations with a widget for websites.

Live Chat Software

Builds Convenient Connections

Live Chat makes businesses easily accessible to their customers by offering a simple way to connect and start a chat through their website. 77% of consumers believe Live Chat improves a businesses reputation. Why not generate leads for your clients with one of the most intuitive communications platforms possible?


Proactive chat! Allow businesses to prompt a chat with a customer after they've spent a specific (and pre-determined) amount of time on the site.

Feed your hot new leads list for your sales center team to follow back up on! All new chats will automatically feed into your business contact list.

Personalize all your conversations with your customers! The profile of the customer who entered the chat will be directly displayed as soon as the conversation starts.

Leave no questions unanswered! Thanks to its smooth experience, you can view the conversation flow at a glance by jumping from one chat to another and by entering into a group conversation.


Can this app be integrated onto a WordPress site?

Yes, if your business is using, the HTML or JavaScript code of the widget can be added in the template file ( or HTML/ Text widget) of the WordPress theme.

How does the installation of the Live Chat widget work?

Once the widget is customized to your clients needs, the app can be added to a website with a simple HTML code. More details here:

What happens after this product is activated?

After activating this product (making a sale), the business will get access to the Live Chat dashboard through Business Center where once they create their widget, it can easily be embedded onto their website. More details here:

What type of businesses does this product work well for?

Any business that wants to improve their communication with their customers are using Live Chat. Verticals like health and beauty (salons, doctors, therapists), accredited professionals (lawyers, accountants, consultants) and services (repair shop, plumber, electrician) are currently using Live Chat.

Can businesses integrate Google Analytics to their chat widget?

Yes! More details here:

What countries does this product work in?

Live Chat is not restricted by country. For example, a business located in India may use the Live Chat in English.

Are there resources available for technical support questions?

Yes! You can contact

What languages are supported?

Currently, the product is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

Can there be multiple chat users (employees from the business)?

At this time, only one chat user is supported per location.

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