+4,423% Organic Traffic Growth for Magnus Plumbing

Helping a plumbing company grow 90,100 Organic Visitors per month.

4,423% Organic Traffic Growth for Plumbing

Increasing organic visitors through a revamped content strategy plan

When we first engaged with their ownership team in 2020, the website was only garnering 1,992 organic visitors per month from SEO. The website had a Domain Authority of 10 out of 100 compared to industry competitors and lacked unique content outside of products and service pages. Organic traffic was then only accounting for 2% of total site traffic when it’s recommended that sites have a 50/50 balance between Organic and Paid Search traffic.  The other problem they were having was low average order value and not enough high ticket sales on services like new bathtub installation and kitchen sink installations.  Visitors were not recognizing the brand for these products and services and they lacked visibility for them on search engines.  The site needed a comprehensive content and backlink strategy to boost domain authority in Google’s eyes.

The Goal

Increase organic traffic to balance out the high cost of paid search traffic.

The Strategy

Onsite content strategy along with backlinks and articles on Niche high DA websites.

The Result

The site now receives 69k monthly visitors driving high ticket organic sales.

4,423% Increase

In Organic Traffic

243% Increase

In Organic Keywords

2,846+ Keywords

In Position 1 to 3

plumbing plumber seo case study

Digital Strategies for Plumbing Companies

The Strategy

We developed a plan to not only improve the content on the website blog repository but we needed to boost the online authority via high DA niche blogs across the internet in the home improvement industry.  The sites must be relevant to Magnus Home’s plumbing products niche.  They must not be made for guest post sites. The sites need to meet the domain rating requirements in order to boost the Magnus website.  The domain rating and authority of the backlink sites must have been acquired through white hat seo methods. The site’s target audience should match that of Magnus and be potential customers.  We assigned a team of niche specific content writers, editors, SEO specialists, and link negotiators. The backlinks would link to onsite blog articles and category pages and in turn the blog posts would link to internal category pages.  The ultimate goal was to offer content to match the search intent of the user. Customers searching on Google have lots of questions before purchasing products and services, and the content must address those needs.

Business Impact

In the first few months, the efforts compounded as the content grew and links started to build.  Eventually, the rankings started to rise above the waterline where the traffic becomes meaningful.  As the catalog of blogs become a full magazine of content, then the keywords floating in Google start to rise like a high tide.  When powered with very high domain authority backlinks the rankings and traffic started to surge on the targeted pages.  The site saw a 4,423% increase in monthly organic traffic from 1,992 visitors to now 90,100.  Organic keywords in Google jumped 243% to 34,476 with 3,239 keywords ranking in positions 1-3  which is 785% growth.   Today, the organic traffic  accounts for 50% of total traffic up from 2% when the engagement started. The organic traffic really ramped up rankings for high ticket items like freestanding bathtubs, farmhouse sinks, clawfoot tubs, and concrete sinks.  This allowed the average order to double from $253 up to $500 and further improve the ROI across the board. The sky is now the limit as they climb!

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