+2.75 Million Organic Traffic Growth For eFaucets Plumbing

Increasing 1.6 million organic visitors through a revamped content strategy and execution plan

138,000 new monthly visitors in 7 months

Helping dominate SERPs in one the web’s most competitive verticals.

Prior to founding Corberry Digital, Michael Fox was a cofounder of eFaucets.com and oversaw its SEO efforts. eFaucets.com was a pioneer in online plumbing with its founding in 2003 when organic was the main source of traffic. The business garnered over 500 million in revenue before being acquired by a subsidiary of the Hajoca Corp, which is the largest privately held plumbing distributor in the United States with estimated revenues of $4.5 Billion.

One of the reasons that made the acquisition attractive was the eFaucets had a dominate position in organic rankings that trumped manufactuers 10 times its size.  eFaucets was out ranking the largest brands and retailers to top industry keywords like faucets, kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets. To the point that brands would Coop marketing campaigns in order for eFaucets to push preferred marketing partners.

eFaucets had a strong Domain Rank of 67/100 which indicated its authority in the plumbing space.  The site had 42,037 backlinks from high domain authority sites linking to various pages across the website.  This lead to 111,310 keywords ranking in the Google index and the website generating 2.7 million organic visitors annually.

Let that sink in for a moment as that’s a sizeable amount of traffic coming in the doors at no paid cost.  If Michael can do that for a large online business, then imagine what he can do for your Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, or Home Service Business.

The Goal

Increase organic traffic to balance out the high cost of paid search traffic.

The Strategy

Onsite content strategy along with backlinks and articles on Niche high DA websites.

The Result

The site before being acquired by Hajoca Corp was receiving 228,030 monthly visitors driving high ticket organic sales.

67/100 Rank

Domain Authority

42,037 Backlinks

Linking to Website

111,310 Keywords

Ranking in Google

eFaucets Plumbing SEO Case Study

Digital Strategies for Plumbing Companies

The Strategy

We developed an SEO plan to first attack the technical SEO or the website.  This included the internal faceted search application to prevent it from displaying an infinite amount of variations into the Google index and limiting it to parent product variations. We the assembled a team of SEO experts to manage the project along with high powered software to build a roadmap against industry giants. With a team of writers we began creating meaningful content to fatten up the site with content matching the search intent of users on Google.

Once with site had more valuable content, we began interlinking it throughout the site to increase findability and indexation. We then hired a team of backlink strategists, analysts and link negotiators to go out and find the perfect guest post sites to partner with. 

This included high domain authority design sites like Oprah.com’s Steal This Kitchen: Easy Upgrades That Make a Major Impact and designer Emily Henderson’s blog velindas-makeover-takeover-small-kitchen-ideas.

Business Impact

In the first few months, the efforts compounded as the content grew and links started to build at the rate of 13% per month.  Over the course of 9 months, the traffic became meaningful.  As the catalog of blogs thickened into a full blown magazine of content, then the keywords indexed in Google rapidily increased.  When the high domain authority backlinks started to compound, then the rankings climbed and traffic started to surge on the focus pages.  The site doubled in organic traffic to 228,030 visitors.  Organic keywords floating in the Google index expanded to a whopping 111,310 keywords.   The domain authority of the website surged to a 67 out of 100. The combination of onsite and offsite SEO efforts then jetted the visiting traffic to 2.7 million annual visitors.

While PPC spend was typically $1.25 per click, organic traffic become free after the initial investment to build it out.  It was evergreen and would continue to produce.  Even if you only converted 2% of that traffic at an avg ticket of $385, that would be $20 Million in revenue conservatively.  Imagine how that would impact your business?


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