Amazon Brand Analytics for Marketers in 2022

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Amazon Brand Analytics for Marketers

Amazon Marketplace: an eCommerce platform with more than 2.45 million visits a month. Think about the amount of exposure you as a marketer can receive for your brand on such a renowned platform.

To achieve your business goals in the Amazon marketplace, the Amazon Brand Analytics tool can be your helping hand. This article will guide you in navigating Amazon Brand Analytics, its benefits, the criteria to sign up, and the helpful metrics you can receive.

What Is Amazon Brand Analytics?

According to Amazon Seller Central,

“Brand Analytics is a feature that contains valuable insights to empower Brand Owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities.”

Amazon Brand Analytics is also called ABA. Brand analytics is available for its sellers within 72 hours of signing up on seller central.

How to Register and Access Amazon Brand Analytics?

To register on the Amazon Brand Analytics tool, you may have to fit into the following four criteria:

  • You must be the owner of the brand.
  • You must be a member of the Amazon Brand Registry Program.
  • You must be responsible for selling products from the same brand on Amazon.
  • Your brand must have an active and registered trademark.

If your brand meets the criteria mentioned above, the following are the steps to access the Amazon Brand Analytics dashboard:

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account.
  • Select the “Reports” option on the main navigation menu.
  • Click “Brand Analytics” from the dropdown to display your Brand Analytics dashboard.

The most significant advantage of using brand analytics is that it was made available for free for brand owners by Amazon in 2020. This step has ensured that brands register their account via the Amazon Brand Registry.

Reports from Amazon Brand Analytics

If you are wondering why you should consider using Amazon Brand Analytics and how you will benefit from the program, the following are the reports you will receive:

  • Amazon Search Terms Report.
  • Demographics Report.
  • Item Comparison Report.
  • Alternate Purchase Behavior Report.
  • Market Basket Analysis Report.
  • Repeat Purchase Behavior Report.

Amazon Search Terms Report

Amazon search terms report helps you figure out what “search terms” or “keywords” Amazon customers use to find your brand. Search terms are the way your brand can be found in Amazon and any other search engine.

This report further extends its help in providing you with extensive information on which particular search term leads to more clicks and conversions so that you can build your branding strategy around that.

The following are the data you can have access to via the Amazon Search Terms report:

  • Search Terms: Search terms are keywords that can lead customers to your product. You will receive a report of which particular search term leads to your products.
  • Search Frequency Rank: This part of the report shows how often the customers search a particular keyword on the Amazon Search Console. This report provides you with the popular keywords for your brand type based on the search frequency.
  • Click Share: This report section is a calculation considering one search term that leads to clicks on a particular product divided by the number of clicks on other products.
  • Conversion Share: Conversion share helps you see the data of one search term that leads to the conversion of one particular product divided by the conversions of other products.

Demographics Report

The main focus of marketing efforts is to know your target audience. There is a dramatic difference between a teenage kid’s preference for shopping and a married person with two kids.

Hence, it is best to break down your target audience into every segment possible to better understand the Demographics report.

The following is data provided via the demographics report:

  • Age: The age category of Amazon customers who prefer your products.
  • Gender: If mostly male or female customers like your products.
  • Income Status: You receive data on the average annual income of your Amazon customers.
  • Marital Status: If your shoppers are married or single.
  • Education Status: Data that shows the basic level of education your Amazon shoppers have. This data helps you understand how you can market to your customers.

Item Comparison Report

An Item Comparison report shows the first five products viewed after viewing your products within a 24 hour timeline.

The following metrics are used in an Item Comparison report:

  • Compared ASIN: ASINs are unique, and every product on Amazon has one. The ASIN product title shows which other ASIN was compared to yours.
  • Compared Percentage: This shows the frequency (within the same day) of viewing other ASIN product titles after viewing your product.
  • Alternate Purchase Behavior: This data helps you determine which product the shoppers preferred buying after viewing your product.
  • Purchased Percentage: This data sheds light on the percentage of purchasing your product to the number of other ASINs purchased.

Alternate Purchase Behavior Report

Like the item comparison report, the Alternate Purchase Behavior report shows the top five products customers purchase instead of yours. This report adds more data to figure out the percentage of time spent on other products/ASINs compared to yours.

The following are the metrics used to prepare the Alternate Purchase Behavior report:

  • ASIN.
  • Brand.
  • Category.
  • Sub-Category.
  • Search terms.

Market Basket Analysis Report

Among all the reports by Amazon Brand Analytics, the Market Basket Analysis report is considered the most effective. This report helps sellers to understand their users’ behaviors and optimize paid ad campaigns.

The Market Basket report shows the most frequently purchased top three products simultaneously to your products. Along with this, you receive the percentage of time each of the top three products was purchased with your products.

This helps your brand with cross-marketing campaigns.

The following are the metrics you can filter in this report:

  • ASIN.
  • Product title.
  • #1 Purchased ASIN, product title, and combination.
  • #2 Purchased ASIN, product title, and combination.
  • #3 Purchased ASIN, product title, and combination.

This data can help you prepare your PPC campaigns. When items are purchased via your paid ad campaigns, your products will likely appear in Amazon’s “Buy it with” section.

Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

Some products need to be purchased regularly, and if your brand is among them, your efforts should not stop convincing customers to buy your products after the first time. Encourage them to buy it the next time as well. For this to happen, you may have to maintain a loyalty program and announce a few promotions to get their attention.

This report shows the number of orders received with the number of unique customers you have received. The following are the metrics used in this report:

  • ASIN.
  • Product title.
  • Orders.
  • Unique customers.
  • Repeat purchase revenue.

For a better ROI (Return on Investment), you can try to invest more money into the items that can be repurchased, while bidding for search terms during your campaigns.

Marketing with Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics is a free tool you should use to understand your customers better to have a more successful marketing strategy.

Amazon Brand Analytics lets you make informed decisions with detailed insight via the six reports you receive. Make use of the leverage and receive a better ROI for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Amazon Brand Analytics?

The following are some benefits that might convince you to sign up for Amazon Brand Analytics:

  • No investment is required.
  • It’s a user-friendly tool.
  • Has listings of potential keywords.
  • Frames effective marketing strategies.
  • Identifies shopping behavior.

How do I view the report in the Amazon Brand Analytics tool?

The procedure is simple since Amazon Brand Analytics is a user-friendly tool:

  • From the dropdown list, select the date range for which you want the data report.
  • Use the related search terms, name of your products or ASIN to view the relevant data.

How does a Demographics report help?

A Demographics report helps to get a clear picture of your buyers’ personas. This, in turn, helps you frame marketing strategies, targeted messages, and paid ads based on your potential customer behavior.

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