How to Create an Ecommerce Sales Funnel?

by | Oct 15, 2022 | eCommerce Marketing

How to Create an Ecommerce Sales Funnel

The ecommerce market is one of the most booming industries in the world. This industry has heavy competition. To capture potential customers for sales in an ecommerce market, you must actively work, equal to or more than your competitors. This is where the optimization of the ecommerce sales funnel comes into the picture. 

This article aims to help you understand what an ecommerce sales funnel is, the 4 stages of the ecommerce sales funnel, and the best strategies to optimize your sales funnel according to your goals.

What Is an Ecommerce Sales Funnel

When it comes to the ecommerce sales funnel, many brands wonder what the secret is behind optimizing the best ecommerce sales funnel strategies to be successful. There is no such secret, it all lies in getting to know your customers, and using the knowledge gained in the process to plan for the advantage of your business.

An ecommerce sales funnel is an in-depth how-to guide that can help you break down the process of building an funnel that can help boost your sales to a different level. 

The ecommerce sales funnel is all about how you convert the customer’s first contact with your business to a successful sale. The funnel helps you gain and convert a potential customer to a loyal customer.

Now that you are aware of what is an ecommerce sales funnel, let’s discuss the 4 stages of the funnel.

4 Stages of the Ecommerce Sales Funnel

The ecommerce sales funnel consists of 4 different stages. The various stages of the ecommerce sales funnel are as follows:

4 stages of the ecommerce sales funnel
  1. Awareness Stage.
  2. Consideration Stage.
  3. Purchase Stage.
  4. Retention Stage.


Awareness is the first stage in an ecommerce sales funnel. The awareness stage is all about making sure your potential customers are aware of your existence. In this stage, the most essential factor is brand awareness. This is the stage where the brand attracts new audiences to convert them into potential customers. 

Different strategies are used to attract new audiences by highlighting a potential problem and creating brand awareness among the target audience. Once the target audience is identified, you must focus on creating and distributing content that is informative for the target audience. Potential customers become aware of the brand, and the type of product or service they offer through marketing efforts, such as content marketing, advertising, or SEO.


Consideration is the second stage in an ecommerce sales funnel. When the prospect reaches this stage, they have now identified their pain points, and have started looking for solutions. Once the prospect is aware of your brand or business, they develop an interest towards it. 

Prospects have an interest in the type of product or service you offer. They start considering whether or not your product or service will meet their needs. This is a phase where you have to work a little harder to push the prospect to the next stage of the sales funnel. Make sure to provide useful information or solutions to the prospect that can solve their problems. 


Purchase is the third stage in an ecommerce sales funnel. In the purchase stage, the potential customer becomes your viable prospect. The prospect is now aware of your brand, and the product or service you offer and has considered purchasing your service or product. 

This is the stage where the potential customer is converted into a loyal buyer. When the prospect reaches this stage, it is very much evident that they are interested in the type of product or service you offer, and are growing more comfortable with the idea of buying it.

This is the stage where you give a little nudge by focusing on making your service or product seem irresistible to the customer and creating a sense of urgency to purchase the product or opt for the service. 

You must focus on making your product or service seem better than what your competitors offer. There’s no harm in offering better shipping options, better prices, discounts, or better aftercare. Such things can make you stand out from what your competitors offer.


Retention is the last stage in an ecommerce sales funnel. As far as businesses are concerned, returning customers is one of the key factors required to keep a business running successfully. Returning customers are an invaluable part of an ecommerce success. They are the main source that drives revenue to a business.

When compared to attracting new audiences, retaining a customer is much easier and cheaper. It is essential for the company to regularly maintain a healthy connection with its customers. Make sure to offer good customer benefits, such as value-driven client accounts, a periodic customer retention email series, special offers for subscribers only, and loyalty programs that are based on points.

The Importance of an Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Here are some important points of the ecommerce sales funnel:

  • Stabilizes your revenue streams.
  • Helps create an organized sales process that generates more leads.
  • Improves retention.
  • Helps to build long-standing relationships with your target audience.
  • Helps to convert prospects into loyal customers.

The 10 Best Strategies to Optimize Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Some of the best strategies to optimize your ecommerce sales funnel are as follows:

  1. Create engaging content that attracts visitors for free.
  2. Make use of social proofs.
  3. Optimize your product pages.
  4. Make use of Facebook Ads to drive traffic.
  5. Send emails that are behavior-based.
  6. Make sure to include a loyalty program invite.
  7. Have great pop-ups at the exit.
  8. Use referral marketing to gain more customers.
  9. Promote products to customers with curated emails.
  10. Nudge visitors during checkout.

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Bottom Line 

If you have been wondering about everything related to the ecommerce sales funnel, this article should have helped you gain some clarity on this. In this article, we discussed what an online retail conversion funnel is, how it benefits your sales, the 4 different stages of the funnel, and how to optimize the sales conversion funnel to boost your sales.

It is essential to understand who your potential customers are, and how to convert your potential customers into loyal ones. To convert your leads to customers, it is essential to implement the best strategies to optimize your sales conversion funnel. Implementing the best strategies helps to boost the sales by taking your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the stages of the ecommerce conversion funnel?

The 4 main stages of the ecommerce sales funnel are as follows:

  • Awareness Stage.
  • Consideration Stage.
  • Purchase Stage.
  • Retention Stage.

It is essential to use marketing activities that are designed to fuel every stage of the retail funnel that can help customers move through each stage.

What is a sales funnel and how does it work?

An ecommerce sales funnel is a how-to guide that can help you break down the process of building successful online retail sales that can help boost your revenue to a different level. The sales funnel helps the conversion process. It helps with converting potential prospects into loyal customers.

Each stage in the ecommerce sales funnel helps to take the prospect a step closer to making a purchase, and becoming a potential buyer or customer. An online retail sales funnel that is well-planned, and well-built can help define the actions required in your business to push the prospects to the next stage of the ecommerce sales funnel.

Why do I need a sales funnel?

An ecommerce sales funnel helps brands and organizations understand how efficiently the sales process is working. It also helps the business owner analyze how well each stage of the sales funnel is working, and if there are any changes that are required. 

A well-built ecommerce sales funnel helps in the conversion of prospects to potential buyers or customers. A well-planned sales funnel helps to boost your sales by taking your business to the next level.

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