Salon Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Customer Base

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Local Advertising

Salon Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Customer Base

There’s something about the salon business that requires a lot of trust before a customer chooses them. Because the services provided by salon businesses decide one’s appearance. The risky yet vast business needs effective marketing ideas to grow its customer base.

This article will help you with salon marketing ideas to attract loyal customers.

Salon Marketing Ideas

Create a Website for Your Salon Business

Start a website for your salon business. Your potential clients will most likely look for beauty services in search engines. Your salon business having a website can find a way to attract them and offer your services.

To build a website for your salon business, you can use online tools, like WordPress, Wix, and Godaddy. When you start building a website with online tools or approach an expert, remember the following tips:

  • Your website creates the first impression for your clients. Make it visually appealing and professional. The strong visual elements you use will impact the client’s decision.
  • Add a call to action on your website for online bookings.
  • Add a gallery to showcase your services.
  • Always add your clients’ feedback to your website.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly.
Salon website example design
Example of simple yet professional salon website design. Source: BodyImage

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Now that you have built a website for salon marketing, you should optimize the website for search engines.

Optimizing helps rank your website in search engine result pages and brings more clients to your page. To SEO (search engine optimization) optimize your website, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Link your social media accounts to your website. This way, your clients can find you across all social media platforms.
  • Add an about page, contact information, forms for clients to contact you, and your business address.
  • Check your website’s load speed with Google’s page speed. Having a slow page speed can increase your bounce rate. Analyze what affects your pages’ load speed and rectify them.
  • Link your website to Google My Business. Linking helps clients from your location find your business.
  • Start pay per click advertising to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Write unique title tags and Meta descriptions.
  • Write blogs that cover “how to’s, guides, and tips” to attract more clients.
  • Add primary, secondary, and long-tail keywords that best describe your salon business. You can use Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google keyword planner to find keywords for your website.

Having your website optimized for search engines can bring organic traffic to your site (paid traffic when you carry on pay per click advertising). When your website ranks in search engines, any client looking for your services and typing in the keyword you have added to your website will find you easily.

Optimize your website in a way to accept online bookings. Since most people prefer booking online, enabling it on your website should help you drive more clients.

Plan an Effective Social Media Strategy

Having an effective social media strategy is vital when marketing for your salon. Being present on social media platforms widens your opportunity to be found by different customers.

The following are social media platforms you can create an account on as a part of your salon marketing strategy:

After creating your accounts on social media platforms, the first step is to link them to your website. Add your website link to your social media account’s bio.

All the social media platforms nowadays are into hashtags. You can frame a hashtag for your salon, for example, #yoursalonname. Like you find keywords for your website, framing hashtags is the same. Here are a few ways to frame your hashtags (these help social media users find your business on their explore feed)

  • #saloninyourlocationname
  • #locationnamesalon
  • #beautysaloninyourlocationname

You can find such hashtags on social media and use them while posting. You can ask your clients to tag in their posts, announce giveaways, and client appreciation events, and showcase your work in posts, videos, and story format.

By building a social media strategy, you get to learn a lot about your target. Client’s expectations of your services can be an area of improvement in salon marketing. You can always approach a salon marketing agency to help you with this.

Manage Your Reviews

Remember to get your feedback/reviews from your clients after a service. It’s all online nowadays, and having your reviews present on google, social media comments, or posts can help other clients gain trust in your salon. 

Google Reviews Salon Marketing
SERP (Search Engine Results Page) result for salons in Virginia Beach

When you own a website and link it with Google Business, your services will appear when a client searches for a salon.

If you see the screenshot attached, each person seems to have their opinion based on their experience. So even when other new clients come to your website, they can read the reviews and book an appointment.

In this field, other local businesses in your location are your competitors. Just like seeing the reviews in your section, clients might also check your competitors. Be sure to provide a great salon service for the clients to leave reviews. In addition, you can also approach a digital marketing agency for effective review management.

Shoot Video Content

Video content has a 91.4 percent reach worldwide. You can try it as part of your salon marketing so you can broaden the reach and exposure you receive from videos.

Here are some examples you can use for your video content:

  • Videos of your services.
  • A salon tour.
  • Before and after videos of clients.
  • Video testimonials.

Since you have accounts on social media, you can stay up on the latest trends and create video content around that. You can use trending music from social media platforms to get noticed by other potential clients.

Concentrate on Brand Identity

From building a website to staying active on social media, you need to maintain a brand identity. This is an essential step in your salon marketing campaign. 

Your business should not be one that shows an amazing image online and gives a terrible service offline.

As appealing and professional as you maintain your website and social media accounts, maintain the same in your offline service. A good experience with one client will bring in a few more clients via word of mouth marketing.

Maintaining good etiquette while building your brand identity can help you quickly gain new clients and retain loyal clients.

Hire an Influencer or Brand Ambassador

“The face of the brand,” you might have come across this term while researching how to  market your salon. You can search for influencers on social channels to be the face of your brand.

If you are not okay with multiple influencers working on your account and need someone dedicated to your salon business, you can hire an ambassador and carry out your salon marketing ideas.

Be it an influencer or an ambassador, their followers are already interested in your services. This way, you can quickly get more clients for your business.

Leverage Seasonal Events

Seasonal events are a good way to drive more clients to your salon. As a part of your salon marketing strategy, list the seasonal events way prior and figure out what to do during those events.

You can offer discounts based on seasonal events or gift cards for future purchases. Offering discounts or gift cards can urge new clients to drop in for your services.

When you have regular clients at your business, you can introduce client loyalty programs and give them extra discounts. This is more of like a client appreciation event, and this will, in turn, make them prefer your salon over other salons.

Design Business Cards

Designing a stellar business card is another salon marketing idea you must have. Though you make your business presence lively online, some offline activities are required to drive people who are not into the online world.

Though the number of people who don’t refer to online marketing is relatively less, you can attract even a negligible number of clients by designing an attractive and professional business card.

Give those business cards to your clients to refer friends or family. You can encourage this by giving them referral discounts for doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give me one salon marketing idea to drive new clients?

You can try celebrity hairstyles to drive new clients and even retain your present customers. Most of the fashion tips people are inspired by are from celebrities. Hence, your salon offering celebrity hairstyles is an effective way to attract new clients.

What do clients expect from a salon business?

Most clients who approach any business might require the following three attributes: trust, safety, and value for money. If your salon provides these, you will very likely retain your clients.

How to improve salon customer experience?

The following are a few tips to improve salon customer experience:

  • Establish good communication with your clients.
  • Suggest services based on their needs and deliver what you have committed to.
  • Offer complimentary services if possible.
  • Provide great customer service.
  • Showcase your clients on social channels.


Having effective salon marketing ideas for your salon is inevitable. So, it is worth getting professional help for your salon marketing.
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