Google This: How to Manage Google Ads Fast

by | May 11, 2020 | Paid Search

Incorporating Google Ads into your advertising strategy is a fast and easy way to get the results you want.

Radio, television, and billboards — you probably booked them all.

But ask yourself this: how easy is it to track these conversions? More importantly, when shoppers research new products, are they watching television or searching on Google? Like it or not, Google is what people use to look up everything now.

Keep reading to learn about how you can manage Google Ads for your business. 

How Do Businesses Manage Google Ads?

Google has made it easier than ever to advertise. In June 2018, they launched the Google Ad Manager. This includes the free Ad Manager for Small Businesses and the paid Ad Manager 360.

The free version is capable of getting 90 million monthly impressions in the United States, which is perfect for any small business. 

Google Ad Manager will guide you step-by-step on how to create different types of ads. Most businesses use pay-per-click ads or PPC because they’re efficient and effective. 

Once submitted to Google, your ad goes through a sophisticated auction system, and it’s ranked based on several factors including relevance, bid price, and format. You can also monitor the ad’s performance on an easy-to-use dashboard. 

Managing Your Google Ads Account vs Hiring a Third Party

If you’re new to digital marketing, this all may seem confusing. 

Many business owners wonder if it’s better to run their own Google Ads or hire an agency to manage it for them? It all depends on you

A professional digital marketer has the knowledge and experience to optimize your ads. They may even make recommendations to improve your landing pages or website. If hiring a third-party agency, make sure they’re a certified Google Partner.

So what are the reasons to go it alone? 

For one, agencies have many clients to please, and in some cases, you may not be getting the attention you deserve. 

When outsourcing ads, you also don’t always see what’s happening “under the hood.” Sometimes you can’t make the best decisions for your business without direct access to the raw data. 

Common Google Ads Mistakes 

Running a Google Ad doesn’t help your local SEO, but your website should be optimized for it first to ensure you aren’t missing potential customers. 

Here are five common Google Ads mistakes most businesses make: 

  1. Not considering profit margins 
  2. Not setting up conversions in Google Ad Manager
  3. Bidding too high for search positions
  4. Not regularly supervising Google Ad Manager
  5. Not monitoring keywords or search queries 

Most of Google Ads is testing and tweaking, but you need to be on top of it to be effective. One of its newest features is monitoring your ads via mobile phones, allowing you to pivot your strategy or make quick decisions.  

Set Up Your Google Ad Manager 

The easiest way to manage Google Ads is to set up your manager now. It only takes a few minutes to configure and can run off any existing Google accounts. 

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