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Our Website Pro cloud offering hosts your business WordPress websites with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure means your sites will always be secure and protected, Google-fast, and scale to fit any business. 

Website Pro brings simplicity back to multi-site web hosting. From one-click site setups, effortless staging environments, custom templates, and built-in reporting, every workflow is designed to be seamless for businesses and their agencies. Whether you host a couple of WordPress sites or thousands, Website Pro is the first genuinely easy-to-use solution that makes hosting fun.


World-class security that gives you confidence. With Website Pro you’ll never worry about your site going down, getting hacked, or managing servers again. Gain peace of mind knowing that your business’s website is hosted with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform.


Your low-maintenance hosting toolkit. Don’t let the technical aspects of web hosting slow you down. Let Website Pro’s suite of developer tools do the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on what makes you money—running and operating your core business.


More than managed WordPress hosting. When you partner with Corberry, you’ll get access to an end-to-end sales and marketing platform that will help you drive traffic and increase your revenues.


Robust CMS. WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) in the world - powering over 60% of CMS based websites on the internet. Website creation in minutes. With access to custom templates, you can increase productivity by installing plugins, themes, and pages automatically when creating new sites.


Digital Strategies for Google and Facebook SMB Advertising

Virtually all of the growth in the digital ad world can be attributed to two giant kingdoms: Facebook and Google. This guide will help you master both Google Ads and Facebook Ads for your clients. This free download features case studies for local businesses who achieved incredible returns on ad spend: Facebook: 1,429% ROI Google: 2,857% ROI.


What is AI Powered Live Chat?

SiteGlue has develop artificial intelligence to simulate the experience with a live chat agent. Our proven AI powered conversation flow is pre-programmed and customized for your website. Our AI Powered Live Chat Agents reduce bounce and increase conversions by instantly engaging visitors, qualifying leads and gathering contact information 24 hour a day 7 days a week. SiteGlue customers have seen up to an 80% reduction in cost over outsourced live chat customer support agents.

Can I customize the website chat widget?

Yes! After you install the SiteGlue plugin for Word Press you can customize the widget text based on your specific call to action and branding. In addition, you can enable or disable the chat widget popup or control whether or not you want to offer text messaging to site visitors.

Can I make changes to the AI Chat conversation flow?

With each new SiteGlue account, we’ll configure our standard AI Powered Live Chat Agent based on your business website and branding. After your AI Chat Agent has been configured, just email [email protected] with any content changes needed to our standard lead capture conversation flow. Custom development is available for businesses that need additional features or third party integration.

How will SiteGlue boost my conversion rate?

SiteGlue is like an answering machine for your website. Our AI Powered Live Chat technology instantly engages visitors, qualifies leads and gathers contact information for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our proven lead capture conversation can boost conversions up to 40% and delivers qualified leads with true buying intent to your email, phone and CRM automatically.

What can I expect after I deploy my AI Powered Live Chat Agent?

We typically see a 20-25% conversion rate for each AI Powered chat session. For example, SiteGlue AI Powered Live Chat generated 430 qualified leads from just 2,150 live chat sessions in 6 weeks.

How do I receive new leads from my AI Powered Live Chat Agent?

Your AI Powered Live Chat Agent is programmed to send hot leads to your email, phone and CRM. Each lead notification includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone number and conversation transcript so you and your team can instantly follow up and close the sale. Our proven conversation flow asks the qualifying questions you need to generate only leads with a clear buying intent.

Can you send new leads to my CRM?

Yes. Using Zapier, your AI Powered Live Chat information can automatically post new lead contact information and a transcript of the conversation to any CRM with a Zapier Zap.

How long does it take to setup a new customer account?

New customer accounts are setup automatically. Your customer will get a Activity Center notification with a link to open the business text messaging app, setup their devices and notification settings. Expect an email within 24 hours with one line of code to install your custom lead capture agent on your website. Incoming text messages are also posted to the Activity Center so your customers can instantly respond to new leads using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Can I customize the chat icon on my website?

Absolutely. Install the SiteGlue plugin for WordPress and go to the Chat Widget Settings to customize the popup widget text and upload a custom chat icon.

For our clients, is everything within their Business Center?

The business text messaging app is completely integrated within Business Center. Once your client login to the Business Center, they can open the business text messaging app within the Business Center. Based on your customers’ notification settings, they will receive email notification with each new text message that includes a link to open the business text messaging app to text with customers using their computer, tablet or smartphone. The business text messaging app is also branded with the reseller’s logo.

Can I install the chat widget only on certain pages of my website?

Yes, you have the option to display the AI Powered Live Chat Agent on all pages of your website or you can install the AI Agent short code to display the chat icon on certain pages of your website.

Does the AI Powered Live Chat come unbranded?

Yes! Our AI Powered Live Chat Agent + Website Text Messaging service is fully integrated within the platform. The business text messaging app includes reseller branding and all notifications form the Activity Center are include the reseller branding.

Can I install the chat widget on multiple websites?

Yes, you can install the AI Powered Live Chat agent on any of your websites or landing pages to instantly engage visitors and boost conversions.

Can I customize the chat popup appearance?

Yes. The SiteGlue WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to enable or disable the chat popup. Also, you can customize the chat popup text or call to action based on your individual branding and conversion goals.

How do I install the chat widget on a non-Word Press website?

Email [email protected] and we can send instructions and the code to install the AI Powered Live Chat Agent on any website.

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