Facebook Dynamic Ads

Highly targeted Facebook dynamic ads for car dealerships, driving traffic to vehicle detail page

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads are only available to car dealerships.

Dynamic Automotive ads insert viewed vehicles into targeted ads for users with shown intent to buy a new vehicle. When clicked on, our dynamic ads take Facebook and Instagram users to the dealer’s vehicle page rather than defaulting to a general info or home page.

Dynamic ads places your auto dealership at the top of mind for potential customers, while allowing dealers to enter sales conversations with people who are already looking at a specific vehicle.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

What's Included with Facebook Dynamic Ads?:

Vehicle inventory information (make, model, condition, age, VIN, and more) is updated daily and is based on data pulled directly from the dealers’ website, so dynamic ads are always using the latest information to reflect the real inventory of the dealership!

Reporting is also included and offers a detailed breakdown of available vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and their current status (available or sold), along with up-to-date statistics on every click or unique click (click from a unique device). This information will give you invaluable insight into the results of the campaign and relevant consumer behavior in your market!

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Static ads, typically used for branding, only display a single image. They also typically link to the home page of a dealer's website. While this can get a shopper to the dealer's site, it doesn't necessarily get them to look at a vehicle.

Dynamic ads display a dealer's actual vehicles to shoppers, and clicks go directly to the VDP on the dealer's website. ROI for dynamic ads can be much higher than static ads, due to their targeted nature. You are displaying an actual vehicle, not just a generic image, to an interested shopper.

What are Digital Ads?

Digital ads are the best way to reach online customers because they allow you to communicate with your ideal target audiences when they are online and looking for your business.

Benefits of Digital Ads

Increase brand awareness

Drive more sales

Increase brand awareness

Measure your results

Get higher ROI

Adapt your strategy

Dynamic Auto Ads Overview

  • This type of campaign is exclusive to dealerships. Available on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Generate more leads and drive sales with Dynamic Auto Ads.
  • Our ads will take your target audience to your vehicle’s page based on their online behavior.
  • The technology we use will automatically update your ads with the latest information available on your website.
Facebook Dynamic Ads

Measuring Your Campaign

Facebook Dynamic Ads
Facebook Dynamic Ads

What's Included?

  • A team of experts in digital advertising.
  • Campaign setup and optimization.
  • Automated bid and budget management.
  • Customized strategy for your business.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Monthly reports.
Facebook Dynamic Ads

We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Advertise at the top of Google search pages with AdWords.

Full managed custom banners ads served to target audiences.

Live digital ad reporting and Analysis

Facebook Ads

Harness the power of Facebook with targeted ads appearing directly in the news feed.

Highly targeted dynamic ads for car dealerships, driving traffic to vehicle detail page.

Harness the power of YouTube and reach the audience you need with targeted video ads!

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