Riana oversees the Marketing Services team which is a large group of very talented individuals who provide digital marketing solutions to our local businesses. Her teams are experts in helping local businesses create and maintain online listings, respond to and request reviews, and publish social content to a number of online social channels. She works with thousands of businesses across many different verticals, so it’s important to have a deep understanding of what businesses need to succeed online. She ensures her teams are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively, and efficiently fulfill the services our client orders.

One of her strongest attributes is her ability to create, document, and optimize processes. Working with teams that are continually growing and changing, training and education is a big part of what she does daily.

From an operations standpoint, she is responsible for hiring, placing, team orientation training, and setup for all new hires. She coordinates allocation of resources when needed to keep each team staffed with the appropriate number of employees. She manages behind-the-scene work, including the creation of employee portfolios, custom email groups, software licences, etc… Financially, she is responsible for the revenue her teams generate. On a monthly basis she pulls financial analysis reports and provides insights as to what the numbers show. Riana provides a comparative analysis based on previous months and years to show revenue and COG trends.

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